Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I got to admit that lately I've been missing my proper "family" ie: parents quite a bit more....Not sure if it's me getting older..or them...or just the fact that it's been a few years since I have moved out of the province. It actually kinda makes me want to keep updating this blog though so they can at least see what I'm up to.

I got a list of things I want to do soon to become a "better person" ie: more of a "practical man". I recently signed up at the Boreal Institute in Edmonton and am going to be taking an outdoor survival course in December...whee! a whole weekend in North Canada without a tent trying my best to not freeze....looking forward to it.

Also made my first preserves/canning thing! yay for making good friends with the neighbor upstairs who was willing to help me...some of you lucky people just *might* be getting some fun preserves or pickled carrots even!

Spent last weekend going through the mountains with the girl..was pretty fun but really too quick...ended up walking up mount tunnel in banff which was really quite nice...gonna try to make it up to the top of a mountain every month or so...

My better half and I have already talked quite a bit and once we pay off the inlaws car we are going to go shopping for a camping van for next summer...I can't even tell you how excited I am for this...it's been a daydream of mine for literally years to convert an older van into something I could find livable...yay

That's all for now folks, sorry for the brief update.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Netflix and Walking Dead

Walking Dead

One of my favorite graphics novels/comics has finally come to the wonderful world of TV. I downloaded the premier and got to say I was pleasantly surprised..some small adjustments but all in all I think it worked better for this format. I've lent out all of the comics to a friend but if anyone is interested they are in my "library" of sorts.

I want to setup a "tv party" to watch this show next week maybe.

In similar news...xbox360 **FINALLY** got netflix which I am totally happy about...despite the HOUR AND A HALF I SPENT ON HOLD with Microsoft trying to get it to work...enough time to actually go out and buy a playstation 3...eventually I figured out I was on third level tech support with Microsoft to change my gaming avatar to a "canadian" vs "american"  so I could use my gold membership..when I simply asked the question "can't I just create a brand new avatar?" and about 30 seconds later I was online...

I guess most people care alot about their "gaming avatar/profile" or something online..I could care less...besides Fallout I barely play any games.

Going to watch the first movie tonight! yay! $9 a month for hundreds of movies and tv shows I want to watch...easy decision...even though I got to pay extra compared to a playstation 3.
I am never sure if the best method to updating a blog is to put up daily somewhat frivilous updates...or to put up meaningful well thought out introspective thoughts....

Today's entry will be a bit of both..or not.

Don't you hate when people at work send you e-mails saying there will be a meeting? this usually happens for more "unofficial" meetings like cake events or going away things....I just don't get why you send an e-mail to 20 people saying "we will be meeting at noon for cake" instead of...say...setting up a meeting?

ah well.

Went for a nice walk around the park today..also stuck a paperclip into my sdcard reader on my computer for no reason so I fried it and can't upload photo's anymore...ha

Signed up for a wilderness survival course that takes me into the deep woods in Alberta for a weekend in December...really looking forward to that....yay! I am also learning how to pickle some stuff from my upstairs neighbor this weekend so that should be fun...who here wants pickled carrots or uhhh pickled...pickles....?

Girl and I got plans to head down to cowtown sometime in later November too...exciting!