Sunday, March 24, 2013


Why hello my non-existing internet friends. Weekend was pretty fun, Jnel and a handful of errands this weekend. Even got up really early Sunday morning for a nice brisk jog. So much snow!

 On Sunday we saw a presentation at the library by a very good presenter named Jessie from, Janelle and I are pretty much stereotype farmers market/local people but it was still quite good. I've always had trouble reconciling "what is local" more than anything.

 I went and did some dumpster diving on the way home...found a few thousand dollars of brand new clothes ripped/cut up....I wish I could say that this was unusual but this particular dumpster (behind a Canadian owned store if not local) makes a habit of doing this. I've decided to start salvaging everything in there and repairing it and hopefully being able to distribute it to those in need...why this company couldn't do something similar instead of having a minimum wage worker take a pair of scissors to them and toss them out is beyond me....:( But it did get me thinking that you wouldn't see a local or small business owner do's only a huge national company who could see a benefit to tossing thousands of dollars of clothes on a near weekly basis (for the last several years)

It's a shame....people we tell about this don't even believe it and just assue it must have been accidentally torn and THEN thrown out....irony going through the front door these coveralls would cost over $200

Monday, March 18, 2013

who u calling crackah?!

so ive been pretty proud of myself and how much I'm reducing my pr ocessed foods by.....this here is a picture of our latest dehydrator adventure!!! home made supah awesome cracker!

I'm a grownup!!!

jnel and I went for a good epix troll down to the royal alberta museum and spent some time unser a bridge. test of blogger on phone too!!