Sunday, November 11, 2012

wheeeee I love ya all, though i did find a deer recently on my lAST WALK

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Well, it snowed a whole bunch last night...which of course only means one thing....that tow trucks if covered in snow are really hard to see and you might run into them....'s time to make snowman!!! We invited quite a few people but in the end it was just the girl and I sneaking over into an old construction site where a condo had built it's foundation before going bankrupt in 08.

Not the best snow...they kind of ended up being more like jabba the butt style whatever...but our with our carrot noses and licorice eye's I think people will get teh point...we are going to come back every couple of days and hopefully make one or two more so I'm hoping to have a couple hundred in this lot by the end of winter.

I got to sneak over that fence (borrowed a ladder to do it) so can't let anyone see me...


 this girl was gungho
fire hydrant snowman