Monday, January 3, 2011

outdoor survival course

I must remember that this blog is largely for me...and of course my friends and family....but mainly for me to keep track of what i am is fleeting and this is probably the closest I will get to a proper journal or photo album.

Went out in December and spent the weekend in the running joke of the week was that I was paying $200+ to nearly freeze to death in -25 weather when I could be staying in a nice 3star hotel...ha!

But in the end I had a huge amount of fun and learnt quite a bit....and I can now say with confidence that I could survive out in a Canadian winter if the chips were down..

I really want to get out more this winter and hope to become one of those people that actually looks forward to it...I recently went tobagging with a bunch of friends that was great and my parents bought me (THANKS MOM & DAD!) some snowshoes that I am going to be taking out next weekend....

I also just had my first freezing ice bath....that was a bizarre experience but one of my new years resolutions...cold but apparently great for you. home for the weekend.....

and....I BUILT A SAW!! :) its hanging on my wall now.