Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feeling good and accomplishing stuff

Been getting up uber early every morning and doing a quick morning jog before I make the fiancee breakfast. The very first day I did it the weather was conspiring against me as it was pouring rain but I was still a trooper and made it out.

I also extended my "Tuesday and Thursday" vegetarian days and pretty much did an entire week last week before going to fav hamburger place here in Edmonton that is closing down tomorrow. For those of you who don't know's an old double decker modified bus thats a hamburger joint up in an industrial area near Whitemud and 66th. If you got a hankering for an hour long wait...a fat cat...slow staff...a roof with leaks in it..and a decent hamburger....I strongly suggest you try it out tonight or tomorrow before it closes up.

Also been accomplishing some stuff around the house...managed to wallmounnt my TV the other day and hide all the cables through the walls into a kitchen cabinet where my xbox/peripherals are now stored. sexy ain't it!!

Today is one of my last days off by myself before I start up that nasty work thing on Monday (ha! just kidding..looking forward to it..mostly)...the house is totally spic n span and beautiful so I might just go rent an xbox game....or I might fix up the patio....or maybe do another geocache! This weekend though I am going out somewhere nice to watch the leafs change.

Monday, September 27, 2010

More adventures.

I woke up quite early this morning to a beautiful sunrise....must remember to take photo's of things like that...or better yet to motivate myself to get out there for a nice jog.

Weekend was great...finally tried my hand at geocaching which I've been meaning to do forever..I think I've had this GPS thing for close to a year now...I'm hoping it's something that the fiancee and I will end up doing together and really getting interested in. Could see it just becoming a "me" thing to..I don't mind wandering around looking silly and lost as much as she does.

I do have to go and track me down some booty though so I can start leaving trinkets at the cache spots...I hope to maybe even make my own one sometime this month. EEEK! fun.

The first cache we tried to find we couldn't locate...we walked all over the it down to a foot or two of the location...nothing though...but we then ended up walking a mile or so from our house to the next one and....


I tried to find another one with no success today as well...still got to get used to these clever little hiding spots...

Also in other it's been a beautiful few days...I feel guilty just being inside...trying to figure out what I should be doing with my last few days of freedom before a year of servitude.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Job and Phone....

Job Search

Went for only my second interview since I got back from Europe a little over a monthish ago. Got offered the job at the interview which was nice...It also has a pretty good bonus of being only 5 minutes away from my fiancee's work on the carpooling is a no brainer..and Monday-Friday 9-5 is always groovy.

I realize that I've been offered nearly every single job I have ever attempted to get once I get an interview...the only one I can think of where they didn't was that job driving a submarine for the Canadian Navy...but I think they clued in I had no idea what I was doing when my answer to every question was "ballast tanks".

This job could be viewed as a step back in some ways but I'm genuinely excited to try my hand out at more of a "sales" position than my previous  jobs..the fact it's only a one year contract also appeals to me...then I'm *outta there!*


I need a new good phone..I've busted two in the last week...or busted one and the other one just sucks ass....what I can't understand is why everyone wants a smartphone so badly...I don't get the appeal...I do like Blackberrys for their awesome alarm and BlackBerry Chat....but beyond that I also don't see the appeal.

I made a few offers tonight on for the "Nokia 6301" which I think is going to be my new I want...

As for I don't get much vacation for the next year I got to figure out what I want to do with my final week off....camping maybe? I dunno but it's gotta be good.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

oh yeah...and....

Looks like my primary domain *removed* ended up getting hax0red the otherday...first time in like a decade for me...crazy...the problem is fixed but it may take google up to *A FEW WEEKS* before it realizes I fixed it so you can ignore any errors it gives you..or macaffee...still trying to figure out how it  happened...but yeah...weird.

Here are some helpful links for a good virus scanner and malware utility;

AVG Virus Scanner (free)

Spybot malware scanner (free)

Everyone should download the above utilities (or similar ones) and use them frequently, I like setting them up on a weekly schedule.

edit: I actually decided to remove the link...both to preserve some anonymity and so no one catches anything in case its not fixed (but it is..)

My stupid neck....

You know what I hate about dress shirts...let me tell you.....they are pretty much measured in neck size...I have a huge freaking neck though...mainly to support my huge freaking head and brains... I had to go and pickup a dress shirt for an interview and it looked like I borrowed my big brothers cause I was just drowning in it...but the neck was still tight...someday I'll get some nice tailored shirts.

My neck is also my #1 trouble spot for fat which I hate...if I gain 8 pounds 2 pounds of it is on freaking's also the lost spot I lose weight.

Last year I made a declaration of sorts to be in the best shape of my life on my 30th birthday..and you know what..I hit it. I weighed 150 pounds, I ran in a 10k run..(got just over an hour time) and was feeling my heaviest I was 185 so felt pretty decent about this. Unfortunately I'm now back to feeling somewhat unhealthy and back to about 165 or so...

A little while ago I was going through the Rockie Mountains and I saw this 60 year old guy CYCLING uphill a FREAKING MOUNTAIN...something I couldn't even fathom trying at half his age...if I want to be doing that I need to put myself on a lifelong plan to lead a healthy life. It's not like I am suddenly going to hit 40 and *then* decide to be healthy.

P90X and diet plans are all great too but the problem with them is that they's not a lifelong solution... I've already made the pseudo-decision that I don't want to do this office work anymore...40 hours sitting on your ass a week is just far too much.

I find that I work better with my goals if I put them down in a list and put it out there...kinda keeps me honest so I'm gonna toss a few of them out there.....

Eat vegetarian on Tuesday and Thursday's

I've actually been mostly doing vegetarian on Tuesdays already but want to expand this to another day of the week...I don't think I could ever go entirely veggie eater...

Eat a proper breakfast every day

I've actually been doing great at this for the last 6 months or so..even in europe we ate a pretty proper breakfast each day..and now I get up everyday at 7am to make my fiancee and I breakfast before she goes off to work.

Do something physical each and everyday

I'd like to say "go to the gym" each day but I know that is setting myself up for failure...but if I can't make it to the gym I will just go on a short jog or a long I went on a gorgeous 90 minute walk tonight that was just great...found a little quaint restaurant I didn't know existed a few blocks from my place..found a really trendy neighborhood full of stone lions even. Might consider getting myself some weight equipment...but I'm not sure if the fiancee would forgive me if I smashed a drumbell into the hardwood floor......again......

Stop eating shit

Not literally of course...but you know what I am talking about....chips...those stupid little dinosaur gummies...oh god those things are so good....

they always say that the key to a leaner body is the kitchen...not the gym...gotta make some sacrifices. I'm actually quite happy with weaning myself almost off soda and it's diet brothers while in europe...perrier all the way now...cause I'm classy.

So...there we go...time to get fit and active and time like the present and I am motivated to do it!

ps: Me after my 10k run last year...what a hilarious face.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


welcome one and all to my little corner of the Internet. Most of you I suspect know me as "Justin" the super cool guy....for those of you that don't me...I am a pretty damn interesting guy.

After some deliberation I have decided to both abandon Livejournal and Facebook While both had their strengths its become obvious that is on it's way out...the activity on there is just absolutely minimal.

Facebook has just become too much of a time waster....and it's just a horrible substitute for true correspondence and communication. Great...I know what you had for breakfast...and that you ran out of milk...but I got no idea about what your goals or major inspirations in life are.

As I think best illustrated by the picture below:

I've quite often kept a journal of sorts and while sometimes I've "fallen off that wagon" I have generally found them fascinating to review...and always appreciated the feedback and debate this venue can open.

But it does take a few things to make a blog interesting and something people want to provide feedback to. I think it require the following which I am going to pledge to you;

  • Consistent updates

-this might be my hardest but is perhaps the most critical. I'm going to aim for at least two updates a week. Sometimes they might just be "what I've done" updates but othertimes I hope they can be something a bit more deep and meaningful.

  • Pictures

-people are visual. It's just a fact...not to mention they also provide an whole different means of communicating and recordings what's going on.

  • Amazingly fun stories

-should be easy..I am an amazing fun guy surrounded by amazing fun people, events and things...and if not...I am an excellent liar and storyteller.

Anyways, I know this first update is somewhat sparse...but I really do hope that you will join up and find something interesting in here. Coming up will be future  updates on....general fitness...secret recipes for cinnamon buns.....religious ramblings....home aspirations....zombie survival tips....traveling & reviews...etc....etc.......etc

I got a list of some people's e-mails and hope to see some of you following this...if you don' hard feelings....

ps: I got to get myself a somewhat decent logo..almost a requirement.