Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Update and fermenting

Work was good today, busy but good. mornings are starting to get really cold...brrrr

Janelle and I took a fermenting class tonight put on by the good people at Earths general store....we've been to a couple of their things but got to admit this one was really great. I think we are both excited to start adding fermenting to our repertoire....we use our dehydrator several times a week now...I've even started to make my own onion and garlics salts....would be great to be totally sustainable one day or as close as you could be.

Going to be making some homemade ketchup this week and maybe some sauerkraut...seems very forgiving.

I also made about 15 batches of pickles and some pasta sauce! hurrah for canning...glad I finally seemed to get the hang of pickles turned out awesome...apparently I should follow recipes instead of just "winging it" as much as I do.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013

story slam

On Wednesday I had a most awesome night.

A few times a year (but I should more often) I end up at the Edmonton Story Slam...which is hosted in different venues (welll.Haven before it flooded and now Bohemia) across the city. Was one of the first one's there but I ran into an awesome grandma named eleda who sat with me the whole night and did some of her poetry. 

Just a totally awesome lady who I had so much fun trading stories with. I am going to be using her homemade cough syrup recipe soon as I can get myself a handful of choke cherries

Janelle has been awesome at being wicked lately too...made some awesome apple crisp using apples from our crab apple tree and a butternut soup the other day that was superb.

While I was at the storyslam I ran into Holly and Bodge(sp) which was totally surprising as I haven't seem them in forver and bodge (my aussie) just landed here in Edmonton a couple nights before, might even run into him today...

I love seeing recurring characters come in and out of my life from the other side of the world (and the country), first met him back when we were in Winnipeg so crazy he still is popping into our lifes here.

Sitting out on my patio the sun and shade with my two blinki a nice collar so if she gets lost someone will hopefully find her...listening to 40's swing music it.

Tonight I am going to the night market downtown and relearning backgammon...that's it for now folks.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Loving the eventbrite

Totally spent an hour going through eventbrite and finding every event I thought was awesome.

Wednesday night I went down to the yellowhead brewery (which I've always loved) and saw a speech by the author of  I've been reading lots on wealth/finances lately so I really enjoyed this.

Janelle and I are still in debt at the moment but we both can see the "light at the end of the tunnel" and hope to soon be totally debt free....going to be so ...refreshing...and invigorating...

Cypress...Iceland...soon to be America? It's crazy how much we try to let wealth dictate our the end it's our friends and social circle are what will matter....I encourage everyone to learn more...become a better person...surround yourself by people you admire or want to learn from....if the lights go off those are that is what will pay dividends.

95% of the money in the world is debt based and this year will be the first that the US spends more on interest payments than on it's defence budget....something ain't right....

Monday, September 16, 2013


and this is where I get to go and eat my lunch.....almost ran into a canuck goose today

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our adevntures

I truly do love my trophy wife, we get along so well on so many levels. I also always feel when her and I are hanging out that we have the most interesting adventures.

Friday night we decided to go on a huge epic river valley stroll all the way from Emily Murphy to Remedy cafe for a couple of samosa's and a chino. See the pictures in the previous post so amazing...

Got up early early this morning (for a Saturday)...Janelle and I exercised first thing which is so important to get your heart beat up...even if it's just 10 minutes of yoga and a 15 minutes jog...

8am we were at the strathcona farmers market, grabbed some veggies, stopped by Earths General store for their amazing apple deal....then off to Ross Creek Market...

I got to admit...I am kind of in love with out 35minute van ride every other Saturday to head out there....snoop around some antiques and junk...get some veggies from Bob n' Val and here what's going on with Diane or Colette. Janelle picked up a nice display case for her mom's antique tea cups that we are going to be excited to use.

That's the same person she picked up her bike from the other day...

Then on the drive back some kinda crazy but super fun Lady (Betty) flagged us down on the side of the road to try to sell us a juicer and some art. Apparently she lives back in the woods in a solar panel'd cabin...totally rad lady..

Then we randomly turned down a road and found someone selling sunflower bouquets! had an awesome hour long visit with her doing a tour of her all organic (not technically but ya know what i mean) farm...ended up giving Janelle a HUGGE batch of BC lavender as a gift for her new course in life....

Was also back in town by noonish which is wicked....going to a bonfire tonight then over to a coworkers thing...just wicked....

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just got back from my trip to Cancun for work. It was nice, very pretty but I've come to realize that I am very much a mountain/Canadian boy. I can only sit in a pool and drink so many margarita's before a) I humiliate myself b) I get sunstroke or c) I just get plain bored.

Still a great time, back at work now, total indian summer here, in the 30's in mid to love it.

Got to get back on the healthy eating trail so close to being great...just got to cut those cheezies out.....

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