Sunday, September 19, 2010


welcome one and all to my little corner of the Internet. Most of you I suspect know me as "Justin" the super cool guy....for those of you that don't me...I am a pretty damn interesting guy.

After some deliberation I have decided to both abandon Livejournal and Facebook While both had their strengths its become obvious that is on it's way out...the activity on there is just absolutely minimal.

Facebook has just become too much of a time waster....and it's just a horrible substitute for true correspondence and communication. Great...I know what you had for breakfast...and that you ran out of milk...but I got no idea about what your goals or major inspirations in life are.

As I think best illustrated by the picture below:

I've quite often kept a journal of sorts and while sometimes I've "fallen off that wagon" I have generally found them fascinating to review...and always appreciated the feedback and debate this venue can open.

But it does take a few things to make a blog interesting and something people want to provide feedback to. I think it require the following which I am going to pledge to you;

  • Consistent updates

-this might be my hardest but is perhaps the most critical. I'm going to aim for at least two updates a week. Sometimes they might just be "what I've done" updates but othertimes I hope they can be something a bit more deep and meaningful.

  • Pictures

-people are visual. It's just a fact...not to mention they also provide an whole different means of communicating and recordings what's going on.

  • Amazingly fun stories

-should be easy..I am an amazing fun guy surrounded by amazing fun people, events and things...and if not...I am an excellent liar and storyteller.

Anyways, I know this first update is somewhat sparse...but I really do hope that you will join up and find something interesting in here. Coming up will be future  updates on....general fitness...secret recipes for cinnamon buns.....religious ramblings....home aspirations....zombie survival tips....traveling & reviews...etc....etc.......etc

I got a list of some people's e-mails and hope to see some of you following this...if you don' hard feelings....

ps: I got to get myself a somewhat decent logo..almost a requirement.


  1. masterpiece theatre, the prologue. I'm curious to see how often you tap into your lie abilities, because there certainly is no shortage of interesting events!

  2. what kind of logo dude? I've got pretty decent illustrator/photoshop skillzzz