Wednesday, September 22, 2010

oh yeah...and....

Looks like my primary domain *removed* ended up getting hax0red the otherday...first time in like a decade for me...crazy...the problem is fixed but it may take google up to *A FEW WEEKS* before it realizes I fixed it so you can ignore any errors it gives you..or macaffee...still trying to figure out how it  happened...but yeah...weird.

Here are some helpful links for a good virus scanner and malware utility;

AVG Virus Scanner (free)

Spybot malware scanner (free)

Everyone should download the above utilities (or similar ones) and use them frequently, I like setting them up on a weekly schedule.

edit: I actually decided to remove the link...both to preserve some anonymity and so no one catches anything in case its not fixed (but it is..)

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