Friday, September 24, 2010

Job and Phone....

Job Search

Went for only my second interview since I got back from Europe a little over a monthish ago. Got offered the job at the interview which was nice...It also has a pretty good bonus of being only 5 minutes away from my fiancee's work on the carpooling is a no brainer..and Monday-Friday 9-5 is always groovy.

I realize that I've been offered nearly every single job I have ever attempted to get once I get an interview...the only one I can think of where they didn't was that job driving a submarine for the Canadian Navy...but I think they clued in I had no idea what I was doing when my answer to every question was "ballast tanks".

This job could be viewed as a step back in some ways but I'm genuinely excited to try my hand out at more of a "sales" position than my previous  jobs..the fact it's only a one year contract also appeals to me...then I'm *outta there!*


I need a new good phone..I've busted two in the last week...or busted one and the other one just sucks ass....what I can't understand is why everyone wants a smartphone so badly...I don't get the appeal...I do like Blackberrys for their awesome alarm and BlackBerry Chat....but beyond that I also don't see the appeal.

I made a few offers tonight on for the "Nokia 6301" which I think is going to be my new I want...

As for I don't get much vacation for the next year I got to figure out what I want to do with my final week off....camping maybe? I dunno but it's gotta be good.