Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My stupid neck....

You know what I hate about dress shirts...let me tell you.....they are pretty much measured in neck size...I have a huge freaking neck though...mainly to support my huge freaking head and brains... I had to go and pickup a dress shirt for an interview and it looked like I borrowed my big brothers cause I was just drowning in it...but the neck was still tight...someday I'll get some nice tailored shirts.

My neck is also my #1 trouble spot for fat which I hate...if I gain 8 pounds 2 pounds of it is on freaking's also the lost spot I lose weight.

Last year I made a declaration of sorts to be in the best shape of my life on my 30th birthday..and you know what..I hit it. I weighed 150 pounds, I ran in a 10k run..(got just over an hour time) and was feeling my heaviest I was 185 so felt pretty decent about this. Unfortunately I'm now back to feeling somewhat unhealthy and back to about 165 or so...

A little while ago I was going through the Rockie Mountains and I saw this 60 year old guy CYCLING uphill a FREAKING MOUNTAIN...something I couldn't even fathom trying at half his age...if I want to be doing that I need to put myself on a lifelong plan to lead a healthy life. It's not like I am suddenly going to hit 40 and *then* decide to be healthy.

P90X and diet plans are all great too but the problem with them is that they's not a lifelong solution... I've already made the pseudo-decision that I don't want to do this office work anymore...40 hours sitting on your ass a week is just far too much.

I find that I work better with my goals if I put them down in a list and put it out there...kinda keeps me honest so I'm gonna toss a few of them out there.....

Eat vegetarian on Tuesday and Thursday's

I've actually been mostly doing vegetarian on Tuesdays already but want to expand this to another day of the week...I don't think I could ever go entirely veggie eater...

Eat a proper breakfast every day

I've actually been doing great at this for the last 6 months or so..even in europe we ate a pretty proper breakfast each day..and now I get up everyday at 7am to make my fiancee and I breakfast before she goes off to work.

Do something physical each and everyday

I'd like to say "go to the gym" each day but I know that is setting myself up for failure...but if I can't make it to the gym I will just go on a short jog or a long I went on a gorgeous 90 minute walk tonight that was just great...found a little quaint restaurant I didn't know existed a few blocks from my place..found a really trendy neighborhood full of stone lions even. Might consider getting myself some weight equipment...but I'm not sure if the fiancee would forgive me if I smashed a drumbell into the hardwood floor......again......

Stop eating shit

Not literally of course...but you know what I am talking about....chips...those stupid little dinosaur gummies...oh god those things are so good....

they always say that the key to a leaner body is the kitchen...not the gym...gotta make some sacrifices. I'm actually quite happy with weaning myself almost off soda and it's diet brothers while in europe...perrier all the way now...cause I'm classy.

So...there we go...time to get fit and active and time like the present and I am motivated to do it!

ps: Me after my 10k run last year...what a hilarious face.


  1. You've got the same problem I have. A huge neck. My neck is easily 18 inch, and regular shirts basically strangle me. I guess subconsciously that is why I got into computer work. Everyone knows computer geeks dress like slobs.

    Another problem with being 50% neck is if you get a stiff neck, you're pretty much paralyzed.

  2. Very nice gummipic. The other one looks like Justin at Santacon. It's going to be very hard to follow you on here. I'd rather see you one of these days.