Monday, October 11, 2010

It's interesting....

Finding a happy medium on a public blog on what you want to post here...I have to admit that I have created one or two entries then decided to scrap them for the more "family friendly generic updates" vibe I am going for on here. complaining about mentioning work (which is going relatively fine) and other stuff I suppose. I think I am going to update on here I at least get used to it..even if I have little to say.

Last weekend we went over to our friends' place to celebrate his "happy turning another year older" day...was a fun time even if we had to bail early to make the long drive back to Edmonton...I love carving up pumpkins!!!

*The stylish dude in the tie is mine...

but I think this one won the prize....

And the fiancee got to flex her artistic talent with some fun watercolouring....On a semi-related note I am almost certainly going to look into getting a small laptop and getting rid of my "office" in the bedroom...I either want a totally "peaceful/serene" setting or a place for her to practice blowing or painting or whatever strikes the fancy.

In yet another "manly pseudo renovation/tear apart" I ripped down some moldy drywall from our balcony area....some gross work but considering we were getting quotes of $10,000 to do it through a contractor....and it took me and a buddy maybe 4 hours total..well worth saving the money.

Though I am quite happy that we ended up doing this work now in October instead of July....considering what we found things could have turned out quite differently....(ps: this pic is only one of many...)

Also just got back form the inlaws....a very nice visit but a fairly long drive...though I really do enjoy going for drives with the girl...for some reason I think we bond best when sitting side by side in the car chitty distractions...beautiful scenery....I actually think the travel time is my favorite part of the trip in many ways.


  1. I also like the long road trips alone with the wife.

  2. moldy drywall? eep!
    why was the drywall moldy, that's generally a sign of bigger problems!

  3. The drywall was outside? That's not really standard procedure, mainly because it's not really intended to get wet.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the mold if that's where it all was.

  4. It was outside...most bizarre eh....the underneath of the balcony above for some reason had idea why..maybe they thought it was easier to attach soffits to?