Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First off a reminder to myself:


damn...so many great photo op's last in the last few weeks...awesome apartment I visited...crazy cowboy hat wearing dude driving a bicycle decorated as a pumpkin..and just some beautiful scenery all around.

I went for a pretty good run down through the river valley...it was great fun..I got to try to climb all through some paths and play in the mud like I was 10..ah...so freaking dirty by the time I got back.

Though my knee is still bothering me...for those of you that don't know I ripped my ACL and all the cartlidge in my left knee  pretty bad going down a black diamond downhill ski run about two years ago...and after a few months of physio I  just don't know if it's ever going to really heal...it still kinda "clicks" and I can tell that I am favouring one side over the other...

I crave to be a more healthy individual but much like paying off my debt I never quite seem to get to a satisfactory level....though I will say that Janelle and I have decided to do a "fair weather" vegetarian life style which we have somewhat patterned after her sister. We don't eat meat in our  house anymore....and no red meat anymore at all for moi...seafood is still a go on occasion...and we do plan to eat meat if we are out or someone offers it to us...but all in all I am very impressed with us.

Did some more painting on the weekend...egg yolk yellow....looks...bright...ha...we aren't sure whether we are going to keep it.

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  1. I worked with a palliative care doc this summer who labelled himself a "facultative vegan". I liked it.