Thursday, November 4, 2010

I am never sure if the best method to updating a blog is to put up daily somewhat frivilous updates...or to put up meaningful well thought out introspective thoughts....

Today's entry will be a bit of both..or not.

Don't you hate when people at work send you e-mails saying there will be a meeting? this usually happens for more "unofficial" meetings like cake events or going away things....I just don't get why you send an e-mail to 20 people saying "we will be meeting at noon for cake" instead of...say...setting up a meeting?

ah well.

Went for a nice walk around the park today..also stuck a paperclip into my sdcard reader on my computer for no reason so I fried it and can't upload photo's anymore...ha

Signed up for a wilderness survival course that takes me into the deep woods in Alberta for a weekend in December...really looking forward to that....yay! I am also learning how to pickle some stuff from my upstairs neighbor this weekend so that should be fun...who here wants pickled carrots or uhhh pickled...pickles....?

Girl and I got plans to head down to cowtown sometime in later November too...exciting!


  1. Paperclip in your SD reader eh?

    I have this habit of tearing the tabs off my beer cans and dropping them in my beer. The other night I thought I I actually swallowed it and could even sort of feel it in my throat. I panicked a little, but then I found it in my pocket. Leslie laughed at me.