Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Janelle and I had the pleasure of attending a Verge Pemaculture 1 day intro session in Calgary over the weekend. 

Despite is being super cold to sleep overnight in the parking lot we had a great time. I found Rob to be a good teacher who was obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about this topic. 

I've already booked off the time this fall to take his two week class but am not 100% positive it makes financial sense....still something that very much interests me though...got to get out of this office done work....just feel my life energy slipping on away. 

The strongest sentiment I took away from the class was that it's not enough to be "sustainable" or "minimal impactful" but that we need to all be regenerative...to act as good stewards to the land we live in...we have the capacity to exist in a positive impactful way...

 Someone came into work today totally sick as as dog...could barely speak but he said he couldn't afford to miss work...and I got to say I kind of understand it on some levels...I took a week off about 4 weeks ago and still feel like I am catching up....how sad is that..

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