Friday, April 25, 2014


Hello all,

Janelle and I have decided to end our experimentation with vegetarianism. Don't get me're not going to catch me wolfing down on some pub chicken wings or steak's anytime soon...but after 16 months we decided to reincorporate poultry back into the diet....mind you we sill need to know that it's ethically raised stuff...

which is awesome as we have made some pretty good connections out at Greens, Eggs & Ham and think we're going to source a fair amount of turkey and duck from them...

I think at most we are still planning to only do the poultry thing once a week...if that...and while I might do a hamburger or two this summer I don't think I'll ever do the pig again...those things are just too darn cute and awesome to eat imo anymore.

I've decided that people still eat far far too much meat in their daily diet...but also that some meat provides a tremendous source of nutrients and health to people...I don't want to say it's directly related but since I've already noticed a difference in my energy levels in the last two weeks...a few months ago I could run my hands through my hair and come away with a bunch of loose hairs but got to say that even my hair feels thicker and healthier.

I still really like a lot of the people I have met through the local veggie meetups so I hope I won't get judged too harshly and can continue to participate with them sometimes.

Onwards and forwards peeps!

Ohhh in other news I got a .49 cent refund when I did my taxes...while it's better than the 20k+ bill I got back in 2010 one of these days a refund would be ohhhh so nice.

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