Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tiny home visit

Janelle and I had the distinct pleasure of recently visiting Turtle Island Tiny Homes in Calgary over the weekend. As some of you may know (or likely not as we've been kind of hermit-y for the last year) we've been toying with the idea of really truly downsizing our life...at first we toyed with the idea of a small cabin...then maybe an RV...then we fell upon the Tiny Home movement which seemed to combine the best of all the options.

Getting to see a tiny home in the flesh was great for us to really move around in it and ask the builders a tonne of questions. It really got us inspired and could be something we can see ourselves doing in the next 18 months.

Some good points were also brought up during it...I want to of course try to build this all environmental hippy like with wool from organic sheep for insulation...but it was somewhat casually mentioned by the builders (and I'm paraphrasing) that the financial cost of going totally "green/enviro/pretentious" could mean you'd be living in a more conventional house for a longer period of time...so maybe the poor hippies that are doing it are right to just jump in as quickly as you can.

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