Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ducks Ducks Ducks everywhere!!!

I didn't take any photo's but I am hoping someone will send me a cute one they took of Janelle. On Sunday night her and I went out to help out Andreas and Mary-Ellen of Greens, Eggs & Ham with 500 ducks that were giving them some issues. (BTW: DON'T CLICK THAT LINK, their site is infected by a worm right now)

 It was cold hard work but both Janelle and I really enjoyed it. As vegetarians we were more interested in the microgreen operations they have but didn't get a chance to see that this time.

We'll be back out again though during the summer to help them out with some farm work and hopefully at a farmers market this summer. I can see farming being really hard but so rewarding. Mark my words...another year...maybe two...then I'm going to be done with this grey office drone career that I've boxed myself into. *above farm stock photo but similar.

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