Friday, March 14, 2014

Different strokes

Different strokes for different strokes.....

I've always been a somewhat competitive person.....but I'm actually trying to make a conscious effort to try to stop's not healthy for anyone....and frankly...I highly doubt anyone will look back from 2050 and go "oh yeah, that Justin guy....always the top sales guy...or always the guy with the cute curly hair"

Recently one of my coworkers mentioned offhand that the city she lived in (St. Albert Edmonton) was voted <a href="">the best city to live in in Canada</a>. That is great and I am very happy but it really throw things into perspective for me a bit.

What is "best" and why do we always strive so hard to get there and why must we measure it? "Best" should be an individual metric...that only each individual person can truly reach. I don't care who you are or what you accomplish but I hope you are happy (while doing no harm).

It got me thinking what is really important about where I live. My beautiful wife an I both acknowledge that our move from crackhead downtown to the south was great in so many ways but we really miss walking through a neighborhood.....there is something so intangible about being able to stroll up a neighborhood and feel the history though it.

We've decided to stay where we are another year...because of the large south window and patio where we can grow our plants....and truth be told the fact we have a fireplace and a washer/dryer means a little bit to us at this point. hmmmmmm fire.....

It frightens me that the "best city in Alberta" can be on that is ranked 163 out of 180 cities in me...that would be one of my absolute top priorities, my coworkers said she really enjoyed this city and loved it...despite admitting that she had never once...not once...actually walked anywhere from her home....not to the store..or the walking trail...or the local community centre...or a coffee shop. (For the record, I really respect and admire this particular coworker, she is a great person). Is it even a city or a community if you have to hop in your car everytime you need to go somewhere?

The nearest reason I can determine it was "the best city to live in" was simply wage and high discretionary people made a lot of money...and didn't have alot of money drainers (ie: kids). While I am not a pro-kid guy guy I do think they are part of a healthy community...Most of my life I have made ok money but I am really excited to spend the next few years ...frankly..not making that much money.

If my wife an I push it we will be debt free by the end of next year and WWOOfing throughout the Kootenays in to embrace life people....or it just skips on by..

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