Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Update and fermenting

Work was good today, busy but good. mornings are starting to get really cold...brrrr

Janelle and I took a fermenting class tonight put on by the good people at Earths general store....we've been to a couple of their things but got to admit this one was really great. I think we are both excited to start adding fermenting to our repertoire....we use our dehydrator several times a week now...I've even started to make my own onion and garlics salts....would be great to be totally sustainable one day or as close as you could be.

Going to be making some homemade ketchup this week and maybe some sauerkraut...seems very forgiving.

I also made about 15 batches of pickles and some pasta sauce! hurrah for canning...glad I finally seemed to get the hang of pickles turned out awesome...apparently I should follow recipes instead of just "winging it" as much as I do.

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