Saturday, September 21, 2013

story slam

On Wednesday I had a most awesome night.

A few times a year (but I should more often) I end up at the Edmonton Story Slam...which is hosted in different venues (welll.Haven before it flooded and now Bohemia) across the city. Was one of the first one's there but I ran into an awesome grandma named eleda who sat with me the whole night and did some of her poetry. 

Just a totally awesome lady who I had so much fun trading stories with. I am going to be using her homemade cough syrup recipe soon as I can get myself a handful of choke cherries

Janelle has been awesome at being wicked lately too...made some awesome apple crisp using apples from our crab apple tree and a butternut soup the other day that was superb.

While I was at the storyslam I ran into Holly and Bodge(sp) which was totally surprising as I haven't seem them in forver and bodge (my aussie) just landed here in Edmonton a couple nights before, might even run into him today...

I love seeing recurring characters come in and out of my life from the other side of the world (and the country), first met him back when we were in Winnipeg so crazy he still is popping into our lifes here.

Sitting out on my patio the sun and shade with my two blinki a nice collar so if she gets lost someone will hopefully find her...listening to 40's swing music it.

Tonight I am going to the night market downtown and relearning backgammon...that's it for now folks.

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