Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Today is a lazy butt day.

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for me up bright and early...made the better half breakfast and then I went down to the river valley and went for a nice jog along the river...just a beautiful snowy day and not another soul around.

I went again today which was nice but really would like to keep the motivation going to do it weekly..gets the heart beat up and out the house...I went to cancel my gym membership and they wanted a $200 fee! doh!

After the run I came home and pulled out a bunch of art supplies and easels and paint that I had gotten the better half a few months ago. I sat down for a few hours and actually was kinda proud of my efforts at the that I mastered oil painting (or whatever it was) I think I am going to start working on windsurfing next...

After that I got the girl out of the house and we went down to participate in Earth Day events. It as alright...almost a bit sad that there were only 50 or so people that turned off to see the big switch flicked...ah well.....

When we came home we spent the night chit chatting by candlelight and I read my "how to build a cabin" literature a bit more.

That's all for now!

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