Thursday, November 4, 2010

Netflix and Walking Dead

Walking Dead

One of my favorite graphics novels/comics has finally come to the wonderful world of TV. I downloaded the premier and got to say I was pleasantly surprised..some small adjustments but all in all I think it worked better for this format. I've lent out all of the comics to a friend but if anyone is interested they are in my "library" of sorts.

I want to setup a "tv party" to watch this show next week maybe.

In similar news...xbox360 **FINALLY** got netflix which I am totally happy about...despite the HOUR AND A HALF I SPENT ON HOLD with Microsoft trying to get it to work...enough time to actually go out and buy a playstation 3...eventually I figured out I was on third level tech support with Microsoft to change my gaming avatar to a "canadian" vs "american"  so I could use my gold membership..when I simply asked the question "can't I just create a brand new avatar?" and about 30 seconds later I was online...

I guess most people care alot about their "gaming avatar/profile" or something online..I could care less...besides Fallout I barely play any games.

Going to watch the first movie tonight! yay! $9 a month for hundreds of movies and tv shows I want to watch...easy decision...even though I got to pay extra compared to a playstation 3.

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