Monday, May 30, 2011

So about a month ago...

I bought a kayak! yay! I found it at a pretty neat Kayak outlet wholesaler that had a going out of business kayak super it on a totally wicked deal...actually it was pretty funny cause as I was there shopping through the kayaks a person walked in and pretty much just bought them all..but i managed to bargain her into letting me pick which one I wanted.

I tell you..$160 for a kayak was a totally awesome deal.

I actually didn't have enough money for a paddle though so I jury rigged an old hockeystick and some plywood into a reasonable fascimilie..also jury rigged my

I finally got the time and courage to take it down to the river here in Edmonton and put it into the water this weekend..such a good time...and while I think most people vastly overestimate that river..I do have to admit it was moving pretty damn fast....not fast enough to warrant my fears of having to be airlifted out by coastguard...but fast...

Hoping to do kayaking at least three times a month...make it worthwhile to have it sitting in the middle of my living room.

and some pictures of to love hot tubs and beautiful pictures.

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