Monday, February 3, 2014

Master Composter Class!!!

Yay for Justin. I recently applied for admittance to the City of Edmonton's Master Composter class and just found out I got accepted. I have to say that I am super psyched to be involved in this opportunity. Every since Janelle and I have moved away from downtown and had to withdraw from the Queen Mary Park Community Garden I've felt a bit of a gap in my community involvement. Empire Park isn't far during the summer...I often walked it or biked it but during the winter I feel a bit reclusive. The Master Composter class is a great step to get more involved with the city and the gardening community here in Edmonton. It involves approximately 40 hours of classroom time spread out across the city and it's facilities and upon completion I have to contribute about an equal amount of volunteer hours. I am hoping to get involved in doing presentations to different groups around the city. Also should mention that out compost at home has been a breeze and super fun and easy...all our veggie scraps just go away and the worms are fat and happy...really such a neat thing...some people might find this a bit gross but I hope to get involved in some composting's so easy to compartmentalize our poop and assume its bad and gross and the toilet magically takes it away...and not realize it's truly a a critical part of the cycle of life that's so close to great compost soil. Thanks again for reading (no one).

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